Our Mission


According to the International Coffee Organization, an international organization for coffee trade, Colombia exported over 12 million 60kg bags of green coffee beans in 2015-2016 making it the third largest producer in the world. Due to its well-balanced taste and savory aroma, Colombian Coffee is an internationally recognized product.

Here at Sergi Coffee & Roast, we recognize that the quality of each coffee bean is vital for a perfect cup of coffee. Through years of research and travel, we’ve selected coffee beans from the best farmlands in Colombia. As part of our commitment to serve only the best, we also roast our own coffee daily.

Our services cover a wide-range of customers. If it’s specialty green coffee you’re looking for, we can ship it to your business. If you’re searching for high quality roasted coffee beans, stop by our store to pick up a bag. Or if you just want a cup of coffee or specialty drink to start your day, we can serve your needs. Whatever service you are looking for, we will be happy to help.

Here at Sergi Coffee & Roast, it’s NOT JUST ANY COFFEE.

Contact us at sergi@sergicoffee.com or 631-526-9982.